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Please download and study the most important documents at the bottom of this page: 

CASR Part 61 & CASR Part 91, The Aviation Act (English) or Undang Undang No.1 2009 (Bahasa Indonesia). These, other documents & revisions are available from Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Indonesia / Direktorat Jenderal Perhubungan Udara

Documents explaining how to make SPL / Sport Pilot Licenses for microlight pilots in Indonesia are also available below in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Microlight Fixed wing & Weight Shift Control / Trike licenses : Since May 2012 it is possible to process these licenses through Pordirga Microlight PB FASI (National Microlight Sport Union of Indonesian Aero Sport Federation) which are issued by DKUPPU - Direktorat Kelaikan Udara dan Pengoperasian Pesawat Udara, the Directorate of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation.

Paramotor licenses : Paramotors (foot launched and on wheels) are classified as microlight aircraft in Indonesia, therefore paramotor pilots will be required to make Sport Pilot Licenses. At the time of writing (November 2012) paramotor licenses are still not possible to process until the Indonesian paramotor community certifies their instructors and examiners which should take place by end of 2012 or early 2013.

Airworthiness (Kelaikan Udara) is a term used to describe whether an aircraft has been certified as suitable for safe flight. In Indonesia certification is usually initially conferred by a Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) from DKUPPU, and is maintained by performing required maintenance and inspections. Required scheduled maintenance follow the aircrafts engine manuals and POH (Pilot Operating Handbook). 

It is highly recommended that pilots and engineers operating and maintaining experimental or certified microlight aircraft with ROTAX engines register at to get the latest manuals, updates, video tutorials and expert advice from the forum.

Registration of microlights is often done with the National Microlight Sport Union (Pordirga Microlight) of Indonesian Aero Sport Federation (FASI) resulting in a call sign PK-SXXX. This is not the legal way to register a civilian aircraft in Indonesia, although it is acceptable by FASI if the aircraft is used for sport flying within FASI. The proper legal way is to process a Certificate of Registration (CofR) with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation which will have a designated call sign without the S ie. PK-XXX as all other civilian aircraft in Indonesia.

Microlight owners must keep aircraft logbooks, POH (Pilot Operating Handbook), registration documents, call sign and Indonesian flag displayed properly on their aircraft. See document KM no.60 2008 below for details of registration markings.

SIKAU-BN / OC  It is also a requirement that all Indonesian microlight clubs or microlight operators have a SIKAU-BN (Surat Izin Kegiatan Angkutan Udara Bukan Niaga / Permit for non-commercial flight operations) and/or Operating Certificate (OC). To process these the operator or club must prepare several documents and their operational base with training and maintenance facilities as DKUPPU website explains.

Insurance  Pilots & aircraft should have insurance to cover accidents, third party claims and the costs of accident investigation. There are several companies offering these insurances including Jasindo and Tugu.

Flight Approvals for Indonesian registered sport aircraft

Flight plans filled at airports prior to flight are neccesary but not the only document required.

Indonesian sport aircraft registered with FASI (PK-SXXX) obtain SIT / Surat Izin Terbang (Air Force flight approval letters) either through their club, or directly from the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU).  It usually takes between 1-7 days to process. These letters are also forwarded to air force bases along the route.

Usually flying clubs request a weekly or monthly SIT for local training of their active pilots. Any cross country / other flights will require another SIT for the pilot(s) concerned. It is essential the pilot carries SIT on cross country flights as this is the equivalent of a flight approval given by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Other Indonesian sport aircraft registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Indonesia (PK-XXX) either obtain a SIT through their club, directly from the Indonesian Air Force, or a Flight Approval through a ground handling service, or directly from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Indonesia

Flight Approvals for foreign sport aircraft passing through Indonesia.

Foreign registered sport aircraft pilots passing through Indonesia are recommended to use a "ground handling service" to prepare their required flight approvals, security clearance & any other documents with the Indonesian Department of Transport and Department of Defense well before entering Indonesia. It is time consuming & frustrating to organize documents in Indonesia, so its best done with professional service companies as listed below:

PT Sari Rahayu Biomantara : Pak Sugiarto  +62811980802

PT Indo Asia Ground Utama : +622183701733


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