We are members of FASI - Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia which is an active member of FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, The World Air Sports Federation). FASI is supported & regulated by the Indonesian Air Force and Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

This site was created by the West Java aero sport community to help promote and share information about Indonesian aero sports. In our home town of Bandung there are parachuting, microlights, aero towing facilities for hang gliding or paragliding & an aeromodelling community at Lanud Sulaiman. There are other nearby hang gliding and paragliding sites near Bandung such as Majalaya, Cililin and Gunung Haruman. General Aviation activities are based at Lanud Hussein Sastranegara. Solowings Flight Club at Lido, Lanud Atang Senjaya, and Puncak Paragliding / Hang Gliding center are bases for West Java aero sports in the Bogor region. 

Asia Aero Flying Club at Buperta Cibubur, Pondok Cabe and Marunda are Jakarta aero sport centers. Jogya Flying Club is based at Lanud Adisucipto and Parangtritis airstrip. Parangtritis is also an active paragliding and hang gliding center, along with Wonogiri, Telemoyo and Batu near Malang in East Java.

In Bali Timbis is a world renown paragliding and hang gliding site during May-October. Bali Paragliders Club also provides paramotor training. Lanud Ngurah Rai is actively helps organize FASI in Bali and there is a small airstrip in Tabanan and Let Kol Wisnu airport at Grogkak in North Bali. Lanud Rembiga at Selaparang Airport is the center for Lombok aero sports.

Many other spots around Indonesia (Sentani & Jayapura, Medan & Lake Toba, Lake Maninjau & Padang, Makassar, Palu, Riau, Lampung, Balikpapan etc) are also active aero sports sites and "Lanud" (Air Force Bases) usually have aero sport representatives and communities willing to help newcomers.

NOTE : www.aerosportindonesia.com is an unofficial site not intended to replace the official FASI site www.fasi.or.id or any other aerosport sites. We do not take responsibility for incorrect information displayed on this site - Please cross check all data before you use it and please inform us of any corrections that should be made. Thank you.

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